Value You Can Rely On

A revolutionary new way to invest in crypto without the traditional risk of market price fluctuations that are so common in traditional assets.  HODLC is an algorithmic token, wherein the price is determined by pre-set growth rates based on time and transaction volume within the HODLCommunity smart contract.  


The algorithmic token class takes the guesswork out of timing your participation with the market because the price discovery behind HODLC is not controlled by traditional principles of market-making, rather by a predetermined set of growth parameters.

  1. Algorithmic Finance
    • The smart contract at the core of the HODLCommunity moves beyond the traditional principles of crypto markets to eliminate the price discovery process and create a formulaic approach to value appreciation. 
  2. Reliable Growth
    • The value of your position in the HODLCommunity is tied to mechanical price increases based on the passage of time and the number of transactions that take place in the community during the time you are holding your position.
  3. Like-Minded Individuals
    • Filled with people who share the same ideals and dreams for new generation algorithmic finance, the HODLCommunity joins together in our Telegram channel and Facebook groups to share their vision for the future and band together. 
  4. Flexibility to Withdraw
    • Your HODLCommunity position can be liquidated at any time using the HODLdex.  



The HODLCommunity is an algorithmic finance ecosystem. Take control of your finances with programmatic value increases. Community transactions and the passage of time mechanically increase the value of your HODLCommunity position.  It’s as simple as that. 




  • Buy ETH
  • Set Up ETH Wallet
  • Buy HODLC on HODLdex


  • Go to HODLdex
  • Connect ETH Wallet
  • Convert ETH to HODLC
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